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How to Use the MagicDichol® Products

These tips are for places where you can use NANO SOMA® both by mouth and on your skin. If your country has different rules about using it, please follow those. Also, the METASOMER® Topical Gel and the METASOMER® Telomerase Natural Skin Cream might not be in every country. NANO SOMA is another name for Metadichol®. It might have different names in other places.

Remember, these products don’t cure or heal diseases. Instead, they help our bodies care for themselves in extraordinary ways we didn’t know were possible.

These products have not been evaluated by US FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This website is not providing medical advice, nor are any companies supplying NANO SOMA or METASOMER or their associates or directors medical doctors. For medical advice and if symptoms persist, please consult your health professional.

NANO SOMA® Spray Usage Protocol:

If you have no existing health issues and you are under 50

If you’re under 50 and don’t have health problems, start with five sprays in your mouth once a day. This is for health maintenance.

Once people know what NANO SOMA is and what it does, they’ll want to use it forever. Even with good health, it helps reverse biological aging and boosts immunity*.

If you are over 50, we recommend you use five sprays four times/day for the first bottle, a second bottle over the next two weeks (five sprays twice/day), and a third bottle over the next four weeks (five sprays once/day); i.e., normal health maintenance usage. Use five sprays once/day after that.

If you have a known health issue, we suggest using five sprays four times/day until your issue is resolved.

Some users have reported that five sprays every hour for 12 hours can cause a stubborn issue to shift. Another user has confirmed getting results with this, and you can use this as often as you want. NANO SOMA is food.

If you want to use NANO SOMA to help your body deal with the jabs – either because you got the shot or you’re around someone who did – here’s what we suggest. Use five sprays every four hours for seven days, then go to five sprays once a day and continue at that rate. If you already have a health issue, keep using five sprays four times a day until things get better after you finish the seven-day plan. Then, you can go back to five sprays once a day for health maintenance.

Use it with gratitude, positive expectation, and a belief in the wonder of this gift to humanity. If you take it with a large serving of skepticism or disbelief, it may not work as well for you.

Some people experience a healing crisis (see description below) when they begin using NANO SOMA or the METASOMER products. In this case, we recommend you start with one spray/day, gradually building up to five sprays/day. If one spray is still too much, reduce to one drop from a cotton bud on your wrist daily for a week or two, then use one spray/day and work up.

For eye or ear issues, pour some NANO SOMA into an eye dropper and put a drop in each eye or ear once or twice a day. It stings briefly in the eye but is safe. Many have reported that NANO SOMA supports their eye health and vision.

In addition, Master Medical Intuitive Lorraine Mill observed that spraying NANO SOMA up your nose supports your body’s ability to clear the pineal gland. It also helps to clear the nasal passages and provides more direct access to the lungs.


NANO SOMA is perfectly safe to use with animals. Animals usually respond more rapidly to NANO SOMA than people do.


As with us, the amount you use is not critical. You cannot overdose on NANO SOMA (unless you use many years’ supply in a day). However, it’s natural to use less for a chihuahua than a horse…


You may also spray NANO SOMA on the paws of a cat or dog or on their food or water. If you spray NANO SOMA in your pet’s water, be mindful that its efficacy will begin to drop if it stays in the water for longer than a day.


We recommend using two sprays once/a day with a chihuahua and ten sprays once/a day with a horse. These are just a guideline. Go with what you feel. When there is a clear health condition to support the body with, more often as you get started, it is good. 


You can use the NANO SOMA Liquid topically, though the METASOMER Topical Gel is a better option for topical use.


There are some excellent animal testimonials here: Animals and Metadichol.

METASOMER® Topical Gel

Apply METASOMER Topical Gel directly on the affected area at least twice/a day to improve the appearance of any age spots, wounds, or imperfections on the skin*.

The METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream is an excellent option for use on the face.

METASOMER® Telomerase Natural Skin Cream

The METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream is sold as a cosmetic. It helps soothe the skin, keeping it looking and feeling young. It also promotes collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines*.

The cream contains no oils that clog the pores and has a pleasant organic vanillin fragrance. The cream can be used in the morning, evening, or whenever you prefer.

Above is a Before and After image of one 58-year-old woman after just two weeks with the METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream.

Healing Reaction with Metadichol®:

Metadichol is natural and made from food. It usually doesn’t have side effects. But some people (not many) might have a healing reaction. This is common with natural health products. It often goes away in a day or two. The signs can look like the sickness itself. For example, you might get a cough, fever, pain, rashes, or itchiness. Sometimes, things can seem to get worse before they get better. If this happens, drink a lot of water, rest, eat fruits and veggies, exercise, and get some sun. Keep using the MagicDichol Products. If you need to, start with the cotton bud method discussed above.

This young woman shared her clearing experience with us.

If you are interested in prompting the body to clear the effects of the COVID-19 “jabs” (whether direct or indirect/shedding), download this document.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any medical condition, nor to prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure such condition(s). If you have any illness or medical condition, consult your healthcare provider.