Before & After: The NANO SOMA® and METASOMER® Products

Here, you’ll see different examples of how our products have helped our customers. How well it works can change based on how and if you use it regularly. Some pictures are from studies in our formula’s patent papers. Remember, our products don’t cure or treat illnesses but help your body take care of itself naturally. We don’t give medical advice. For that, please talk to your doctor.

Here is an interesting outcome with the Gel. I have a friend who had this skin issue for several weeks. I put the Gel on the site, and one day later, the issue seems to have disappeared.


The first photo is from July 28th, when I noticed I had a hard, visible bump inside of my neck. I began taking five sprays of NANO SOMA three or four times a day, and I applied METASOMER Topical Gel to it about two times a day. The second photo is from September 14th, about seven weeks later. I had confidence these products would work and it’s always exciting to see quick, tangible results.


This 80-year-old woman had an inflamed wound on her neck. When the scab came off, she used METASOMER Topical Gel. The above images show the improved appearance of this wound and the clear soothing of the skin. She recommends METASOMER Topical Gel to all her family and friends.


Here, the appearance of eczema on the skin is shown before and after two weeks of applying METASOMER Telomerase Natural Skin Cream.


Note the improved appearance of a dog-bite wound in the presence of METASOMER Topical Gel – in only six days.


I used {product name redacted} on my leg twice daily for four weeks to treat a skin issue from too much exposure to the sun when I was young. The result was so bad I had to stop using it short of four days. Now, I am using the METASOMER® Topical Gel and the skin’s appearance is much improved.

Bill Sternbeck

Here, one customer’s husband uses the METASOMER Topical Gel to soothe injection sites in his stomach. Note the improved appearance and soothing of the area within just one week.

Joy P.

NANO SOMA can also support the bodies of other animals. Here, a horse received NANO SOMA three times a day for a very teary eye, which was due to a clogged lacrimal nasal duct. Each photo is a few weeks apart. Notice the vanishing of the edema with the white point.

Dr. Jaime Plata Alvarez, (renowned Colombian veterinarian)

I had a mark on my thumb that wouldn’t go away. I used NANO SOMA, and in two weeks it was gone!


This image shows the effects of NANO SOMA on an adverse reaction to the jab after six days.


Here, one customer’s 14-year-old dog, Eddie, experienced a transformation with his skin after approximately two months with NANO SOMA.


This customer tracked the appearance of a bruise with the support of METASOMER Topical Gel.


This user experienced an oil burn while cooking. She shared: I got the NANO SOMA and sprayed a little into my hand and dabbed some on the spot on my wrist (B). I didn’t put any on the area where you see the blister. (A) When I woke up the next morning, there was no sign of the spot at B.

Even when I touch the area with significant pressure, there’s no indication of any injury…

Carol Q.

This customer tracked an improvement of their thinning hair as prompted by consistent use with NANO SOMA.


After a spider bite, this customer reported:

within seconds, the itching was gone [and] within 60 hours of the first NANO SOMA application (3X’s), all signs of the bite were completely eliminated.

Justin E.

This puppy experienced a lesion/posture on their stomach accompanied by full body tremors. After a week of spraying NANO SOMA on it:

…The nano tremors disappeared, the area of the lesions fully rebalanced, and today there is no evidence of illness. The entire underbelly looks completely normal and their behavior and motor skills are normal for a six-week-old puppy.


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