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How Metadichol®, the key ingredient to the MagicDichol® Family of Products, induces Vitamin C in the body.

Metadichol is a nanoemulsion of policosanol. These policosanol particles are less than 60 nanometers. This is about half the size of a virus. Because they are so small, they can move through the body and support its health wherever needed. Metadichol is key to the MagicDichol products: NANO SOMA® Liquid, the METASOMER® Topical Gel, and the METASOMER® Telomerase Natural Skin Cream. You can buy these products in our store. To shop, click here. 

About 40 million years ago, humans lost their ability to make Vitamin C. This is because of a gene that stopped working right. The gene can’t make an enzyme needed to turn sugars in our liver into Vitamin C. Most other animals don’t have this problem. They make Vitamin C naturally and don’t get the same heart and artery diseases humans do.

No medicine can replace Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important because it helps prevent many diseases. These include things like cataracts, gallstones, weak blood vessels, allergies, getting sick easily, anemia, cholesterol in arteries, high blood pressure, heart problems, and more. We don’t really need new drugs for this. Instead, getting enough Vitamin C in other ways can help.

When you try to add more Vitamin C to your body by taking supplements, there’s only so much your body can use. Once you take about 500 milligrams, your kidneys start removing any extra. Studies have shown that Metadichol helps your body raise its Vitamin C levels far more than just taking supplements can do.

When Metadichol helps your body make its own Vitamin C, you can have much more of it in your body. This is good for your health. Vitamin C is necessary for many important processes. It helps keep connective tissue regular, helps wounds repair, helps bones stay healthy, and works in making essential things like adrenaline and thyroid hormones. It also helps break down proteins, fight off infections, helps your body use iron, and a lot more.

Raghavan PR (2017) Metadichol® and Vitamin C Increase In Vivo, an Open-Label Study. Vitam Miner 6: 163. doi: 10.4172/2376- 1318.1000163

Below, Dr. Raghavan explains how Metadichol might be making the body produce its own Vitamin C.

These charts show how Metadichol can raise Vitamin C levels without needing extra vitamins from food or pills.

Raghavan PR (2017) Metadichol® Induced High Levels of Vitamin C: Case Studies. Vitam Miner 6: 169. doi: 10.4172/2376- 1318.1000169

The patients who were tested had different kinds of health problems. But one thing they all had in common was that their Vitamin C levels went from three to 11 times higher when using NANO SOMA. This helped make important health signs in their bodies go back to normal.

“A substance that interferes with normal system function is a drug. A substance that restores normal system function is a nutrient” – Dr. PR Raghavan, developer of Metadichol

The MagicDichol Family of Products does not cure, treat, or heal anything. Rather, these products stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms, which are far more comprehensive than most of us appreciate.