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“I have been using NANO SOMA® for about three months now. Lately, as crazy as it may sound, I have been noticing more instruments in the music I listen to. I hear little background chimes that I never noticed before. My hearing has always been good, but it just seems better. Also, my sinuses have never been better.”


“I made coffee with boiling water and scalded my wrist and arm. It was instantly red and very tender. I applied a small amount of the METASOMER® Topical Gel to the scald. It stung on contact but almost instantly soothed it. About twenty minutes later, I applied more METASOMER Topical Gel before going to bed. A couple of hours later, my skin is completely soothed.”


“Within a few days of taking NANO SOMA®, I noticed that I felt more energetic, my skin looked better and my eyes were brighter. Encouraged, I continued to use NANO SOMA and found that my energy levels were on the rise. My fitness and exercise program was starting to show improvement and I felt like I had the strength to complete bigger workouts. More importantly, my lungs felt great!”

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