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The Spiritual Connection

The precursor to Metadichol® was described in the Rigveda of 5600 BC.

The Rigveda is an ancient sacred text from India.


The Rigveda refers to something called ‘soma’ many times. Swami Parmeshwaranand, in the ‘Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Vedic Terms,’ says soma was a plant juice that might have helped with ‘spiritual elevation.’ But the exact plant it came from is not clear. Many people think this soma could come from different plants, like Metadichol®.


Soma is also seen as a special healing drink. It is understood as ‘the elixir of life’. It says: ‘We have drunk soma and become immortal.’ This is interesting because Metadichol is a liquid that helps with healthy aging*. It also says: ‘These glorious [soma] drops are my health and salvation; they strengthen my joints…and chase from my body all manners of ill.’ In the same way, Metadichol is known to help the body’s natural immunity, and it helps strengthen the body and get it back to being healthy in many ways*. Many users of NANO SOMA® have also shared that they feel spiritual relaxation while taking this product.

Soma, stretch out our lifespans so that we may live… Illumine us…enter within us for our well-being…Lengthen our days…as the sun causes the shining days to grow longer…It is you, O Soma, who guards our bodies; in each of our limbs you have made your abode. Our weariness and pains are now far removed; the forces of darkness have fled in fear. Soma has surged within us mightily. We have reached our goal! Life is prolonged!”

(translation from Robert E. Cox’s The Elixir of Immortality).

The Holy Water from Mount Kailash

In Sanskrit, there are 280 different words for water – more than in any other language.

The Rigveda talks about a particular product. It’s said to be the essence of pure water blessed by Agni (the sun) and smells like ‘paddy, rice, and honey.’ The word used for water with this product could be translated to ‘pristine water.’ Dr. Raghavan found out that this word for ‘pristine water’ means something special in Sanskrit:

It’s about water from the melting snow of Mount Kailash.
Mount Kailash is a mountain in China (it used to be part of Tibet). Hindus believe it’s a holy place and the home of the god Shiva.

To make Metadichol®, you need glacial meltwater. Other water won’t do. If you use different water, the particles are unstable and don’t work.

This indicates the deep spiritual connection of this product.

“Increase of the Ojas in the body improves strength, stamina, vigor and the person will always be pleasant.”

It is always the individual’s duty to maintain one’s own Ojas in the body so as to experience a healthy life.

“The water is key to the success of all three products…You cannot have impurities in this water [even] in the nanogram level…Even though it is safe, our product cannot tolerate any impurities”

— Dr. Raghavan, creator of Metadichol®

The Doctor’s Temple

The Vaitheeswaran Temple, also known as the ‘Doctor’s Temple,’ in India is thought to be about 5600 years old. People who go there offer jaggery (a type of raw sugar) and toss it into the water.

Even though the water looks cloudy, tests show it doesn’t have bacteria. People believe this water can heal 4448 different diseases.

Jaggery, which is put in the pond, has policosanol. Dr. Raghavan discovered that this helps the body rebalance, strengthen, and fight off sickness. A nanoemulsion of policosanol called Metadichol® is the key part of the MagicDichol® products and marks another interesting spiritual connection.

The Blueprint for Biological Life on Earth

“It’s actually not of this world. It’s actually what we were born to create and who we were born to be…”

Master Intuitive Lorraine Mill on NANO SOMA®/ Metadichol®

Lorraine Mill describes how she sees Metadichol® in the body, deeply revitalizing it beyond the cellular level*. She also explains how it helps clear the pineal gland, reminding us of who we truly are. Lorraine says that this intelligent particle communicates with your body to reinstate a blueprint of health.

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any medical condition, nor to prevent treat, mitigate, or cure such condition. If you have any illness or medical condition, consult your healthcare professional.

To remind your body of its optimal health blueprint, take Metadichol daily through NANO SOMA or apply it topically via METASOMER products.