The Triage: The Science Behind the Magic

We’ve talked about the NANO SOMA® and the METASOMER® products and how they help your body get healthy. But how do they work?

Let’s dive into the secret ingredient, Metadichol®, a patented nano-emulsion of policosanol. This molecule has been around since the early days of biological life on Earth, so our bodies recognize and accept it easily. Some even say it’s intelligent and aware! If that interests you, check out Master Intuitive Lorraine Mill and her experience with Metadichol here.

What Happens in Your Body

When you use these products, your body starts a ‘triage.’ It’s like your body becomes an intelligent detective, figuring out the most urgent health issue and focusing on it first. Even if you don’t know your health problem, your body can work on bringing it to balance.

Addressing the Most Urgent Issues First

Regular use of these products is excellent for long-term health. But sometimes, they can work very quickly on big problems. For example, one NANO SOMA user had extremely high blood sugar levels all her life. After using NANO SOMA for just one night, her levels dropped to normal by the next morning!

This shows Metadichol’s brilliance – it figures out what your body needs most and starts its work there first.

In short, these products don’t heal by themselves, but they’re like a helpful guide. They tell your body where to start addressing things at just the right speed for you. This way, even problems you don’t know about can get better.

Do you want to see for yourself how NANO SOMA can prompt your body to better health? This Dark Field Microscopy report shows fascinating images of the blood changing just 23 minutes after taking Metadichol through NANO SOMA.

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Please understand that neither the companies supplying any of the Metadichol-based products nor the companies’ directors, shareholders nor employees are medical doctors and do not provide medical advice. For medical advice, please consult your medical practitioner. Further, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Rather, they prompt the body’s natural healing mechanisms, which are far more comprehensive than most of us appreciate.

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